We provide resources and support for those families who are living in a foster care or adoption story, and for those seeking to begin. 


Our Wrap-Around Ministry is designed to help families who are engaging with foster care and/or adoption.

  • Family Coordinator - support between volunteers & families

  • Meals and Clothes - keeping our freezer stocked with ready-made meals & providing clothing at placement.

  • House & Yard - providing scheduled maintenance and yard work for families.

  • Education Advocate/Tutoring - Providing educational assistance for the child.

  • Household Help - helping with cleaning, laundry, etc.

  • Respite/Babysitters/Transport - Caring for the children or transporting them to needed appointments. (Background check required)

  • Donation Coordinator - Gathering items needed for families to get licensed.

  • Prayer Advocate - Praying and encouraging foster/adoptive family.

  • Legal System Advocate - Providing advice on legal issues unique to foster/adoption.

  • Family Mentor - Helping family with parenting issues.